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Eyecare Services

Family Vision Care Offers Many Eye Care Services

Your family optometrist is your partner in maintaining good vision at every age. Vision can change over a lifetime, and regular visits to the eye doctor can help you see clearly and maintain good eye health, throughout the years. At Family Vision Care in Chesapeake, VA, we offer vision care services for all stages of life.

Family Vision Care Offers Many Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Most people receive vision screening to detect refractive errors that may require corrective lenses. A comprehensive eye exam is much more than this simple screening. You will receive a variety of tests for visual acuity, eye coordination, tracking, depth perception, pupil dilation, eye pressure, viewing the internal structures of the eye, and mapping for the fitting of contact lenses. Together with a medical history, these tests give your eye doctor a full picture of your eye condition and level of vision, so appropriate measures can be taken to provide the clearest possible vision and the highest level of eye health.

Eyeglasses & Designer Frames

When you need glasses to see more clearly, you want frames that suit your personality and your daily activities. We offer a wide range of styles and colors, including designer frames, to help you look your best while wearing glasses.

Pre- & Post-Surgery Consultation

Many individuals choose LASIK vision correction surgery to allow them to see clearly without eyeglasses or contacts. However, this surgery is not suitable for everyone. Your eye doctor can determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery and can provide aftercare to ensure proper healing. We can also provide preliminary care and monitoring for other types of eye surgery.

Computer Vision Care

Many individuals work at computer screens for long periods of the day. This activity can lead to eye fatigue, eye dryness, headaches, and other symptoms. We can provide lenses to help relieve these symptoms and make working at the computer more comfortable for your eyes.

Detection & Management of Eye Diseases

Your optometrist in Chesapeake can also detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. These diseases can become progressively worse over time and can threaten your vision. With careful monitoring and treatment, you will be able to preserve your vision as you get older.

Make Family Vision Care Your Optometrist in Chesapeake, VA

Dr. Pollock and Dr. Schwartz use their many years of experience in optometry to help their patients in Chesapeake, VA, Portsmouth and other nearby communities. We offer care for a variety of eye conditions and all ages. Call Family Vision Care today at (757) 484-8080 for an appointment to have your eyes checked and to learn about the many eye care services we offer.

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